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Raja Ampat with LOVE

a heavenly beach in Indonesia

I deeply adore and dream of this place! Drooling to be there soon.

Located in West Papua, the part of East Indonesia.

see you ...

thanks to my friend, Audrey for all the nice pictures

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Selayar Island

another day in paradise

A beautiful beach with the pier in South Sulawesi, Indonesia. It's just a right place for your getaway to relieve and refresh your mind.

Dedicated to my best friend, Paulina Oktari Halim. Just remember that

"Thinking of the past can get more disappointment"

with love ... your best friend.

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Korea I'm in Love

A romantic love spot!



Talking about love, for me, it's the most difficult topic instead other topics. I think love life is full of simple theories which ironically need to be applied on a complex actual life. So I prefer to keep distance about love related issues. Since, hell yeah, till this date, I have never dealt with a happy ending relationship.

Though, I'm not a person who against love or anti-romantic. Guess I'm more to a dreamer who always imagine to have a perfect love story as on drama movies which I knew it's so rare to be happened in this real world. And what I found in Na-mi Island is probably became one of my imagination.

I wasn't really sure, this is either intentionally made by the island's coordinator or made by a couple or a gentleman who dedicated to his girl. Despite, it was really : the romantic spot of a love sign formed with a bunch of chestnut red leaf!

When I saw this spot, it's directly coming to my mind about how flattered if a man proposed his girl with the wedding ring bended on his knees inside the spot, or how romantic when a couple declares their love promises inside. Wow!!

Hence, once again, it's perhaps, for me, why love become a complex issue. Well, it will automatically mix up with my unrealistic imagination! But who knows?! Oh well, so when would my romantic time come? :p

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China and the culture

on a trip to Taiwan-Hongkong-Shenzhen


Travel to China again ... why i wrote "again"? sounds like i don't excited much with this chance travel to China ...

To be frank, Yes I am! Personally, I didn't enjoy the culture, surroundings, yet the food in China ... :( But IT WAS!
I felt the people there is just extremely rude, rush, and impolite as I am living for 27 years in a country with a slow and humble habitual.

Though, my last visit to China (and Hongkong) .. kinda change into positive views.

And this caused as I was welcomed by my long lost cousins. My long lost Chinese cousins who never contacted each other for ages, never too know what's their name and my name even hard for us to pronounce it when we met, and never have a specific yet clear communication. Yes, we were facing communication problem, English and Mandarin just can't concised each other.

However, that's what i said how I turned to positive views. Knowing and realizing those communication gaps, if it's me, I will not entertaint and excited or to waste my time beside them. I will not try to talk and communicate with them too. I will probably just disappear and find a hidden place saying that I'm too busy with my jobs. BUT ... they didn't!! They are, Chinese people, to be admitted globally, have a strong character for family matters, although they don't close to. Just knowing that we have the same blood or heritage, it's enough for them.

Okay, enough for "about family"... and the travel story is, instead of travel around alone (as I used to..), these cousins, with their unability to speak English, guided me to Tai Mo Shan, Shenzhen.

It's a new amusement park in xx ft above the sea (dunno exactly the number ;) .. but it's on a mountain). A very huge park and of course many fabulous spots that you must have "a can't resist feelings" to take pictures like I did.

The park has few thematical spots, European, Asian, etc. Inside the thematical spots there's certain artistic sculptures, sensational scenery, attractive shops/corner and also a must seen show.

I took pictures a lot there, the views are just naturally amazing and it's all being made on a mountain. Chinese peoples are just great and genious indeed.

One thematical spot is of course the Chinese area, there's sculptures of a Chinese God and ancient peoples which very near to the real. A good art!!

Finally, the unforgettable moment for me where I got a heartbeat to death and shouted out loud while other tourists were laughing at me, seeing my silly expression.
Remember what I mentioned above, about the sculptures which nearly look alike with a real human. It was suddenly, this sculptures or a thing, make a motion, stood up and drag to me unexpectedly. So once, I realized it's just a pantomime artists !!! that we thought it's a sculpture.
They were freezed and with my usual curiousity (curiousity kills the cat ... yes I know), I touched one of the artists, and he had actually been instructed to surprise the visitors who touched them by moving over unexpectedly.

Nevertheless, I took the picture with them though. I should ... of course ... :))

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